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When choosing a new car, the road conditions in which it will be driven, have to be taken into account. If the best option for an urban environment is a sedan, then for the off-road, a car with a higher ground clearance is needed. This is the distance between the bottom of the car and its seating.

What are the functions of the air suspension?

You’ll find the air suspension system on most premium cars, trucks and SUVs. When it’s installed independantly, the elastic elements are replaced by rubber-fabric elementsair springs. The main functions of the suspension are:

  • changing suspension robustness to increase comfort and improve steerability;
  • change of height of the ground clearance (i.e. of the clearance to increase the carrying capacity).

The design includes:

  • air receiver—adjusts the road clearance within a small range without a compressor;
  • the compressor—pumps air in the receiver;
  • air pressure lines—conductors carrying air to the air elements;
  • elastic elements (air shock absorbers) — adjust the height of the clearance (adjustment can be done manually or automatically, pneumatic elements can be a separate assembly or as air strut, which is integrated into any suspension;
  • electronic sensors: their functioning depends on the suspension design, they can track the position of the body in relation to the road surface, the car load rate, acceleration, etc.
  • electronic control unit is needed to analyze the information received from the sensors and to issue commands to the receiver or the compressor.

In manual mode, it’s the driver’s option to choose the clearance, and with air struts available, the rigidity of the suspension. In the automatic mode, depending on the suspension capabilities and the set mode, the unit determines the height of the clearance and the suspension rigidity.

How to choose the right air suspension for Volkswagen?

When choosing an air suspension for Volkswagen, you need to take into account the driving style. There are two types of suspension:

  • sport suspension;
  • standard suspension.

For aggressive drivers, sports air suspension would be suitable. Its specifics are the lower clearance and the function of compensation of roll-off on the turns. Both suspensions on VW have several modes of  — loading, standard, off-road driving.

The loading mode has a minimum clearance and is automatically switched to the standard mode at a speed of 7 km/h. The standard mode, depending on the type of suspension is distinguished by the rigidity of air suspension and the height of the clearance. There is a speed limit of 70 km/h for off-road driving, after which the standard mode is automatically switched on.

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