Land Rover L320 with VDS Range Rover Sport

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The VDS (Variable Damping Suspension) technology is used in the Range Rover Sport. This is an adaptive suspension that changes its characteristics depending on speed and road surface. The principle of its operation is the interaction of electronics and hydraulic components.

How Does VDS Function?

The air suspension of the Range Rover Sport L320 is a sophisticated system designed to provide maximum safety and ride comfort. How does this happen? Initially, the electronics collect data on the characteristics of the vehicle's motion. Various sensors are responsible for this: the system analyzes the tilt of the vehicle's body, its speed, and its driving style.

It takes fractions of a second for the electronic control unit to send information about the operating mode to the air suspension struts and, if necessary, to change their stiffness. Thus, the air suspension adapts to specific conditions. The suspension system of the SUV uses several pre-set operating modes that are designed for a particular type of driving.

The Main Elements of the Suspension of the SUV

The air suspension of the vehicle consists of the following elements:

  • electronic control unit - an element that controls the operating modes automatically or using pre-set modes;
  • system of sensors (acceleration of the car, road conditions, change of clearance);
  • active air suspension struts - an element that reacts to changes in road surface and speed;
  • anti-roll bar;
  • compressor;
  • valve block.

The use of such a suspension can significantly improve the driving characteristics of the crossover and enhance its maneuverability. In addition, the comfort and safety of the passengers and the driver is significantly improved.

It should also be noted that this system must function flawlessly. Comfort and safety are guaranteed only when the system works properly. The electronics of the SUV will always show warnings in the case of a malfunction of the air suspension parts. Such warnings should be addressed immediately. Failing to do so may lead to even more expensive repairs.

Purchase of Spare Parts for VDS Suspension

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