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We offer you all necessary parts and sets for air suspension for Kia / Hyundai. In order to select the parts that are suitable for your car, select Model, Platform, part position or year of manufacture. All our products are 100% compatible with the OEM parts for the particular car. The description of each car contains the reference numbers of the part according to the specification of Kia / Hyundai.

Lots of car manufacturers have long appreciated all the benefits of air suspension. It is now installed not only on commercial vehicles and trucks, but also on cars. We are turning our attention to the technology of the executive class: SUVs and sedans.

Korean car companies also often use air suspension. It can be found on popular Hyundai and Kia models. In most cases, these are sports cars or crossovers. When good handling and a comfortable ride are needed, air suspension is used.

Korean Cars with Air Suspension

Some models of Kia and Hyundai have already become legendary. For example, Kia Mohave already has received a facelift. Some elements in it are improved. Electronics have become more sophisticated, and an air suspension with a compressor was installed.

Owners of Korean-made SUVs and sports cars note a high response speed of the suspension to driving mode changes. It takes only a few seconds to change the position of the car body and the stiffness of the air springs.

The love of Kia and Hyundai manufacturers for air suspension can be explained by the advantages it brings:

  • The car’s stability during drives is improved (the stiffness of the air springs on the loaded side is increased, which eliminates body roll);
  • Increased comfort (due to changes in stiffness, you can smoothly overcome any bumps on the road);
  • Car body roll during a sudden stop or start is prevented;
  • Fuel is saved by changing the position of the car body, which reduces drag.

Kia and Hyundai are designed for good roads. Despite their aggressive appearance, the air suspension parts are vulnerable to bad roads. Daily load on the air suspension significantly reduces the declared service life. Experts recommend to check the condition of the air suspension as first thing when buying a Kia or Hyundai. You can always order spare parts for the air suspension of your car in the Aerosus online store.

Buying parts for the Air Suspension of Kia and Hyundai

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