Return Policy

Returns and Refunds

Do you wish to return an item you have already purchased?

It’s as easy as this: You can carry out the return either via our customer hotline or directly via our shop’s online returns portal.

You can complete your online return in 3 short, convenient steps:
Step 1

Please first visit your profile and click “My Returns". There you can then “Request New Return”.

Note: If you don’t have a registered profile, please follow this link: Click Here
Step 2

Now select all orders (and items) you wish to return and then click “Continue”.

Step 3

You have the option to choose a suitable reason for your return from the fixed options. You can also upload a photo and comment on your entry. When you are finished, please click “Send Request”.

You can keep track of its current status under the heading “My Returns”. In addition, you are notified of all progress and changes to your return separately by email.